Sh ch. Martin  Madras was born in the mid late 1970s and made it to first Eng. Sh .Ch at two years. At championships he was also a won warrant points for his junior quite fast from the classes shows. Madras took over from Martin who withdrew as he was performing well in the winnings .

Madras with style best batting gloves

The offspring Madras Bosis loves playing and chewing on old baseball gloves left on the floor. Its  begs the question wherther a glove is a good toy or not for Labradors. After thorough checks on the glove, removing the brass straps adjustments and leaving the laces of the rawhide intact it was restored. Though It wasn’t well oiled but its made of thick and nice leather.  According to this best batting glove  site, what constitute a good glove is the grip it provides. Some lexol leather cleaner is definitely great for proper restoration. Bosis seems to like this better than other toys.

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