The Fokker Gazet emerged from the Digital Newsletter of the Dutch Association of Breeders of Pedigree Dogs (NVFR). The Fokker Gazet report on developments in the cynology, particularly those of interest to hobby breeders of purebred dogs who try to practice their hobby as professional as possible.
The organized cynology mostly associations. Inherent in the association structure board elections, administrative decisions and general meetings where the board is accountable for the policy. In other words, politics.The cynology politics has consequences for the breeders of purebred dogs. To influence the canine politics in favor of the breeders who have sole responsibility law and its own voice in the cynology, his sharp analyzes of the canine-political situation and decision-making is essential. In addition, should alternatives be put forward. The Fokker Gazet fills that need.

The Fokker Gazet is free and remains free. The Fokker Gazet is independent and will remain independent.

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