The complete book Labrador

The complete book Labrador

for lovers and breeders

Jaap van der Wijk



  1. History of the Labrador Retriever
  • Newfoundland to Britain
  • The development of a breed
  • The first recorded Labradors
  • Champions and bottlenecks
  • Black, yellow and brown
  • Organizations at home and abroad
  1. the breed standard
  • The official British breed standard
  • Different types
  1. Buying a puppy
  • Labrador is a suitable dog for me?
  • Where should I look for when I buy a puppy?
  • The puppy goes home
  1. Diet and exercise
  • housebreak
  • Nutrition and movement of the puppy
  • Learning to walk on a leash
  • Socialization of the puppy
  • Is my dog overweight?
  • Nutrition and exercise of the adult dog
  1. care
  • Wash
  • Combing and brushing
  • Cutting nails
  • body Control
  1. Diseases and disorders
  • Hip dysplasia
  • elbow
  • PRA
  • cataracts
  • Other eye diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • growing pains
  • Skin and coat problems
  • Sledging
  • vitamin C
  1. Behavior and behavioral problems
  • dominance
  • subservience
  • fear
  • Aggression
  • The language of the dog
  • The psychology of the dog
  • Pulling the belt (or: the myth of the choke chain)
  • Being alone
  • Jeckyll & Hyde
  • Manipulation
  1. Education and training
  • Consistency: it is so difficult
  • Puppy training
  • Advanced Training
  • ring Training
  1. To the show
  • Preparation
  • The day has come
  • About judges, preferences and types
  1. The working retriever
  • hunting Training
  • Games
  • The serious work: guide dog, service dog and sleuth
  1. genetics
  • Inheritance of coat colors
  • population Genetics
  • Inheritance of diseases and disorders: the baby and the bathwater
  • What combination?
  1. Breeding Labrador retrievers
  • The preparation
  • Housing
  • Purchase of breeding material
  • Selection of broodstock
  • Walk pendens coverage
  • Care of pregnant bitch
  • The whelping box and accessories: what do I have in the house?
  • Childbirth
  • Cesarean section: what now?
  • Care of lactating bitch and puppies
  • Selection of puppy buyers
  • Veterinarian, chipper and pedigrees
  • Follow up
  1. The aging Labrador
  • Diet and exercise
  • Behavior
  • Death


Brandhams Labradors have had some changes!
August this year I married Mark Hunter and all our Labradors are now jointly owned. The careful hobby breeding of our Labradors in our small kennel will continue to breed Labradors for type and temperament, to improve our lines further.
It is good to have someone to share the dog walking and poop scooping with!
We aim to bring out some youngsters next year in the show ring. Our kennel concentrates on chocolates and black. Joe (Brandhams Quickstep) our chocolate stud dog is lightly used to approved bitches (hips 4 : 4).

Mark is now showing Lily his young chocolate girl (Brandhams Bohemian Rapsody, hips 3 : 6) after some home taught ringcraft for them both! We were thrilled and amazed at her first show when they won ‘best chocolate in show’ at Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club open show.
Rosie is retiring and leaving us to live in a family home and will be ‘Ben’s dog. Ben is very excited to have her and has plans to train her as the best Labrador ever! She is Lily’s mum and has produced some wonderful puppies for us in the past when mated to Joe.
Poppy (Brandhams Me And My Girl) has now been retired having her last litter on March 2nd and is going to be spoilt living with Sylvia, she will now see Rosie again as Sylvia is Grandma to Ben who had Rosie last year. Poppy has bred us some excellent puppies over the years and has developed the Brandhams line as it is today. We are hoping to have a Poppy granddaughter due to be born later in March from our friends Mr and Mrs Cairns (Pendoric).
It is now up to our two younger bitches to improve our very small kennel further. Lily (Brandhams Bohemian Rapsody) and Molly (Potterspiney Skywalker).
We still of course have our wonderful Joe living with us (Brandhams Quickstep). This dog is such a gentle soul and so easy to live with and has produced some very nice puppies, including our Molly.
We both send our thanks to Jack for his patience continually updating our web pages.
We now have our ‘poppy’ granddaughter living with us
‘Macy’  Pendorric Star Spirit at Brandhams from Reba and Alex. She is growing on well and looks a very promising young lady. Hips and eyes will be determined later in march.
Next year it is planned to mate her to our dear gentle Joe.
We always aim to continue to improve our breed in our small kennel.
We are very proud of the lovely labs we have bred over the last few years and treasure the friends we have made in the Labrador world.
Alison and Mark Hunter
Brandhams Labradors


Legis K9 is gespecialiseerd in juridisch advies. Wij adviseren onze cliënten ten aanzien van conflicten met overheidsinstellingen en particuliere organisaties en staan hen als raadsman bij wanneer zij worden opgeroepen om te verschijnen voor tuchtcolleges. Daarnaast adviseren wij onze cliënten ten aanzien van conflicten met (besturen van) verenigingen, civielrechtelijke conflicten en tuchtrechtelijke conflicten.
Onze adviseurs treden doorgaans niet zelf op als advocaat. Wel treden zij op als raadsman wanneer vertegenwoordiging per procureur niet is vereist.
Inzake conflicten tussen natuurlijke en/of rechtspersonen kan men Legis K9 verzoeken op te treden als arbiter, conform de bepalingen in het Vierde Boek van het Wetboek van Rechtsvordering. (Artt. 1020 e.v.)

Tot onze overige dienstverlening behoort het vertalen van juridische, financiële en aanverwante documenten van het Nederlands in het Engels (en omgekeerd), alsmede het publiceren van CD-roms op juridisch gebied.


The Fokker Gazet emerged from the Digital Newsletter of the Dutch Association of Breeders of Pedigree Dogs (NVFR). The Fokker Gazet report on developments in the cynology, particularly those of interest to hobby breeders of purebred dogs who try to practice their hobby as professional as possible.
The organized cynology mostly associations. Inherent in the association structure board elections, administrative decisions and general meetings where the board is accountable for the policy. In other words, politics.The cynology politics has consequences for the breeders of purebred dogs. To influence the canine politics in favor of the breeders who have sole responsibility law and its own voice in the cynology, his sharp analyzes of the canine-political situation and decision-making is essential. In addition, should alternatives be put forward. The Fokker Gazet fills that need.

The Fokker Gazet is free and remains free. The Fokker Gazet is independent and will remain independent.

Fokkers gazet list

Het bestuur van de Pekingees –en Dwergspanielclub is vanaf het prille begin zeer kritisch geweest over de invoering van het zo langzamerhand beruchte Centraal Fokbeleid en heeft d.m.v. het geven van argumenten zijn zienswijze kenbaar gemaakt aan bestuurders in de kynologie en andere geïnteresseerde kynologen. Uit alle hoeken en gaten van de kynologie kreeg men bijval voor de standpunten, zelfs van oud-bestuurders van de Raad.
Het bestuur schrijft: “Nu met de ledenvergadering van 7 december voor de boeg hebben we er behoefte aan om de balans op te maken. We kunnen niet anders dan constateren dat het bestuur van de Raad op alle fronten ernstig tekort is geschoten met als gevolg dat de Nederlandse kynologie in extreem ernstige problemen is geraakt.”


Sh ch. Martin  Madras was born in the mid late 1970s and made it to first Eng. Sh .Ch at two years. At championships he was also a won warrant points for his junior quite fast from the classes shows. Madras took over from Martin who withdrew as he was performing well in the winnings .

Madras with style best batting gloves

The offspring Madras Bosis loves playing and chewing on old baseball gloves left on the floor. Its  begs the question wherther a glove is a good toy or not for Labradors. After thorough checks on the glove, removing the brass straps adjustments and leaving the laces of the rawhide intact it was restored. Though It wasn’t well oiled but its made of thick and nice leather.  According to this best batting glove  site, what constitute a good glove is the grip it provides. Some lexol leather cleaner is definitely great for proper restoration. Bosis seems to like this better than other toys.